The Catloc range of catalytic converter theft protection products have been independently attack tested and accredited to Automotive Gold Insurance standard with Sold Secure

This required a number of 5 minute attack tests being carried out, using a variety of theft tools and methods. We are proud that we obtained a full pass, with none of the attack tests succeeded in the allotted time frame.

The complete range of Catloc has Automotive Gold standard with the exception of our 1001, 1002, 1002small and 1002XL products (these are universal fitments)


Under the designing out crime Police initiative, developed to Police Approved Standards and Police Preferred Specification.

Catloc is the only physical theft prevention product designed to address the theft of a catalytic converter that is recommended by UK Police forces.

Why steal a catalytic converter?

Most are located under the vehicle and only held on with bolts that can be undone and removed in a few minutes. In some instances, thieves will opt to cut them off, but the regularity of this method is far lower than most people are led to believe.

It is commonly reported that theft is due to the trace element of expensive and rare metals that catalytic converters contain. This may be true in some instances but most thefts are thought to supply the spare parts black market. If a new replacement exhaust can cost upwards of £2000, a good condition, genuine, stolen part can sell for as much as half of this price with the end customer being unaware as to where their replacement part was sourced from.

Penalties are generally lenient if caught so criminals see stealing catalytic converters as low risk, but with high potential rewards.